Harvest Layout/Permitting


Cascade Forest Management can layout harvest areas to meet your needs – whether a few acres of your timberlands to all of it. This includes marking of harvest area, riparian areas along creeks and wetlands, and any leave trees necessary to meet Forest Practices Act regulations. CFM can also complete forms and maps needed to apply for harvest permits.

CFM can layout timber harvest boundaries and secure any required Forest Practices Act (FPA) cutting permits. This can be done to meet short-term or long-term goals.

There are very strict forest regulations and a cutting permit is almost always required. Permit applications are several (9) pages long plus maps and any addendums pertinent to your specific proposal. Permit approval can require consultation with two or three state agencies. And harvest units, riparian management zones, proposed roads, and leave trees must all be marked and stream/wetland types determined prior to applying for a permit. Permits can be for 3 years or 15 years. Permits can include options for less stringent regulations using an alternate plan.

CFM can help determine which permit is best for you; lay out all harvest units, forest roads, riparian management zones as well as to mark any necessary leave trees. Then, CFM completes all paper work and represents you in all meetings with state agencies to assure your cutting permit gets approved.